Newberry Library Book Fair

Now that Liz's taken a leave from her job at Crate and Barrel (and that she's finished her class), the two of us have a lot more time to just hang out and tool around the city. Case in point this afternoon, when we learned of the Newberry Book Fair (at the Newberry Library). Big big thanks to Gapers Block for that tip!

Walking through the grounds, approaching the front door.

Entrance, Newberry Public Library.

Rooms and rooms of books. The whole Book Fair was divided into about 6 or 7 separate rooms, based on subject/content.

Perusing the Fiction hardcovers.

This was a gorgeous room. Can't remember exactly what was in here (mostly Non-Fiction, along with some tapes, CD's and videocassettes).

And a CRAPTON of West Wing episodes on tape. I was tempted, but held off. I realize they're VCR tapes, but... West Wing!

A cool chandelier near the entrance that caught my eye.

I liked this: the "Squirreling Area," where you could drop off bags of books, and continue shopping for more.

Two pretty great books, side by side: Peter Piper's Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation and Infamous Women (Paper Dolls). Inside "Infamous Women," there were pages and pages of cutout dolls, complete with cutout outfits that you could color.

Near the back/end of the Book Fair - photography books, short stories.

Checkout area. For some reason, it felt like we were in a big garage... and I really liked it. Books and books everywhere.

Riding up Wells to Oldtown, we stopped in to a little Italian place for a late lunch/early dinner.

Mmmmm bread and cheese and olive oil.

One of the items I got at the library. Remember the video tapes? Well, I went through them looking to see if I could find anyone's home movies. Most of them were old beat-up movies, or movies people had dubbed. But this one looked like it might be an authentic home video of some kind of family picnic.

Found video. I wonder what's on here...

THIS gem totally made my day. Who knew they even PUBLISHED this kind of a report, let alone an annual one state by state?

On looking through it, this reference book (?) is published by Ralph Nader's Public Citizen, and has an astonishing, ASTONISHING amount of detail.

Basically, the book lists individual doctors by name, city, state, that have been disciplined by either the state or federal government. MORE THAN THAT though, it also lists the charge, any fines or penalties incurred (monetary or jail time), as well as the status of their medical license.

But here's the thing that made me drop my jaw: each listing also has a "NOTES" section, that typically summarizes the nature of the charge, and the resultant action/discipline. This is like 5,000 found objects, all at once. It's like getting a tiny window into a person's life - right when they're at a particularly low point.

A few entries have been funny, a few have been really sad and heartbreaking. A few were actually even uplifting.

This book is amazing. I had no idea stuff like this existed. I'm not entirely sure how this data was gathered, but WOW. I feel a little dirty and wrong peering into all of these personal transgressions of complete strangers, but I can't pull myself away.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about:
Jones, Allen William MD, License Number 1016605 of 6060 N College Ave, Indianapolis, Indiana, was disciplined by Indiana on July 27, 1995.
Disciplineary Action: Reprimand
Offense: Professional Misconduct

Pharmacist reported that he left blanket authorization for one refill of his patients' prescriptions on his telephone answering machine while he was away on vacation; he testified that one of his office employees was putting the message on the answering machine without his knowledge and that he shuld have supervised his employees more closely; he stated that he understands the problem and will not allow blanket authorization of prescriptions again. He shall pay costs of $100 within 60 days.
This book is FULL of stuff like this. I can't put it down.


Just a note - beneath this entry will be an entry for Dirty Found, a sister publication of Found Magazine.

And for those who aren't familiar with the acronym, NSFW means "Not Safe For Work." So if you can't view nudity or can't listen to vulgarity, perhaps you should save the stuff (below) for when you're back at home.

You've been warned.

Dirty Found

Tonight there was a Dirty Found show at Corbett vs. Dempsey,which Liz and I attended.

It's been almost two years since my last Dirty Found show, so this was a nice chance to actually spend more than 5 minutes in attendence.

Interior shot, entrance. Julie was working the front door, and I felt a bit awkward - we hadn't really talked all that much, and I wasn't sure whether smalltalk was all that appropriate, since she was technically "working," so I kept kinda quiet. I feel bad, in hindsight, that I didn't say something more.

Group shot - folks gathering around Jason, talking before the show begins.

Strangely, I happened to notice that one of the guys (and one of the owners of the gallery) is a guy named Jim Dempsey - who I first met more than 2 years ago, while attending a film at the Gene Siskel Film center. I find this fact fascinating (and weird) - that, and the fact that I have a photo from the first time I met him, to boot.

The XXX Survey (which was also a found object, believe it or not).

Look what I found!!

On the back of the survey, there was an illustration that one of the event coordinators created. Guests were asked to provide a name for this new sexual position.

After the show, I thought that it might be neat to try to compile all of the names/suggestions, and create a little online Flash component for the website. Note to self: talk to Jason more about this.

New issues, wrapped in plastic (but of course).

Crowd show, shortly before the start of the presentation. I spotted Tori here as well, and we waved to one another. Again, in hindsight... I'm sorta wishing I would have been a bit more talkative, but all I did was wave.

Jason, showing off the very first find that started it all...

The entire "show" was done in a mock PowerPoint presentation style, to great effect. I took a few video snippets (below), which I hope you'll enjoy. Remember that this is Dirty Found, so if you're at work... maybe you want to turn those speakers down, just a touch.

Spending Saturday Night staying in, making margaritas and watching "Sex in the City," I realize that I am Soooo in a relationship. And I couldn't be happier. :)